About NRAA

THE NEW ROCHELLE ART ASSOCIATION has a long tradition of promoting and supporting artists and the visual arts. Since its informal inception in 1912, the association has included among its membership many talented and internationally known painters, illustrators and sculptors. The organization set formal goals among which were to “set an educational standard in the Fine Arts and promote interest in art in the community.”

The NRAA sponsored its first annual juried show to celebrate the opening of the new city library. Some of the noted participants in that show of 140 entries included: sculptor Robert Aitkin, painters G. Glenn Newell, Remington Schuyler, A.G. Heaton and illustrators Norman Rockwell, Joseph C. Leyendecker and Victor Forsythe. (see History)

Today, by promoting and broadening the awareness of the arts in the community, and the world at large, the New Rochelle Art Association continues its mission. It is the hope that by carrying out the precepts set up by its founding members, the NRAA will continue to bring beauty, art, and quality of life to everyone associated with it.

Check the calendar and visit us in person at the Lumen Winter Gallery of the New Rochelle Public Library.

Club Officers

President, B.A. D’Alessandro

Vice President, Sara Furlong

Treasurer, Gina Kingsley

Secretary, Kathy Nesi

Board of Directors

Marisa Boan
Patricia Pardini
Jesse Sanchez
Fred Spinowitz
Louise Stern

  NRAA Constitution and Bylaws